Takeaways from the Beacon Poll

October 2023

National Political Polling Results

October 2023

Senate Race Polling Results

October 2023

Who do Tennesseans think has the most obnoxious SEC fan base?

October 2023

Alabama: 30%

Florida: 18%

Tennessee: 18%

Georgia: 6%

Ole Miss: 5%

Policy Polling Results: Healthcare

October 2023

Cultural Polling Results

October 2023


for the Beacon Poll

Poll Conducted by

  • Online poll of 1,181 registered voters in Tennessee
  • Only respondents who passed our data quality checks were included in the final results and compensated for participating
  • Sampling was stratified by demographics and geography
  • Results were weighted by demographics, party, geography, and behavioral measures to reflect the profile of the state properly
  • Estimated Margin of error: +/- 2.79%
  • Fieldwork: Oct. 5 to Oct. 16, 2023
  • Due to weighting and rounding, percentages may not always total exactly 100%
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