Takeaways from the Beacon Poll

January 2024

Between July 2023 and January 2024, Tennesseans’ approval of the legislature has gone down by four percent.

Policy Polling Results: Education

January 2024

Tennesseans’ support for Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary has grown, while the support for Ron DeSantis has declined.

Policy Polling Results: Housing Costs

January 2024

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have both gained support among likely Tennessee voters since the October Beacon Poll, while Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has lost three percent of his support.

Other Polling Results

January 2024

When asked which news sources—national or local—they trust more, Tennesseans overwhelmingly prefer their local news outlets.

We gave Tennesseans 11 options of common New Years’ resolutions, and asked them to select all that apply.

In 2024, the top five results suggest Tennesseans will put a heavy emphasis on their physical and mental health.


for the Beacon Poll

Poll Conducted by

  • Online poll of 1,302 registered voters in Tennessee
  • Only respondents who passed our data quality checks were included in the final results and compensated for participating.
  • Sampling was stratified by demographics and geography.
  • Respondents were compensated for their participation.
  • Results were weighted by demographics, party, geography, and behavioral measures to properly reflect the profile of the state.
  • Estimated margin of error: +/- 2.66%
  • Fieldwork: Dec. 14 to Dec. 28, 2023
  • Due to weighting and rounding, percentages may not always total exactly 100%.

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